Services Specific to the Insurance Industry

Since its inception in 1991, The R&D Agency has established itself as a trusted and reliable resource for the insurance claims industry. Work-related injury claims can not only be expensive and time-consuming distractions for the employer dealing with them, but the lost time generally creates an entire new set of concerns relating to staffing and overtime costs to cover for missing workers. Any employee filing a workers compensation claim is subject to a complete and thorough investigation into not only how the accident occurred, but also what’s the extent of that injured worker’s abilities and off-work activities. A comprehensive and timely investigation into suspected fraudulent or exaggerated workers compensation claims may help The R&D Agency’s clients avoid allowing these bad claims to disrupt business indefinitely. By showing that an allegedly injured worker can do far more than he or she reports to medical professionals often allows our clients to get these workers back on the job in some capacity; and this is often a first critical step to getting back to business as usual. The longer a workers stays away from work, the more difficult it is to get him back.

Alleged injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident, a fall at a business establishment, or injuries sustained by equipment or outside negligence pose a different set of issues. However, these claims must also be looked at in a timely manner to avoid long and protracted litigation.

Professionals in the insurance claims field know very well that hard facts are required to move an injury claim down the path to mitigation. The R&D Agency can assist them not only in gathering those needed facts, but also in determining the extent of the claimant’s activities or employment status. To accomplish this goal with success, far more than simple surveillance is required; and The R&D Agency has established protocol over the years that allow us to succeed where others fail. Having a comprehensive profile of the injured worker is an essential first step. Where does he live? What does he drive? Is he even licensed to drive? Is he in jail, prison or on electronic home monitoring? Does he enjoy certain participant sports or activities like hunting, fishing or snowmobiling? Is there evidence the injury occurred elsewhere? Are there other factors present to keep the worker from showing up at work? Does he or she post their adventures or plans on social media? Are they employed somewhere else? Is there a history of civil or criminal actions that address the person’s credibility or suggest prior injuries? Does he or she have a cabin or rental property? These are all questions that are addressed during The R&D Agency’s comprehensive preliminary investigation, a vital step performed before surveillance begins. Knowledge is power and when it comes to surveillance, knowledge allows us to improve our chances at success during surveillance. The size or our staff allows The R&D Agency to address rush assignments and our team approach allows a finished product that’s second to none in the industry. The resulting formal report and edited footage from surveillance demand the attention of doctors, opposing counsel, or the judges who review it.

Although The R&D Agency is well known for effective and professional surveillance services, it’s just one of the services we offer that are tailored to the insurance claims industry. Other related services we offer include:

  • Comprehensive Background Investigations
  • Periodic Activity Checks
  • Annual Permanent Total/Wellness Claimant Visits
  • Job Log Audits
  • Witness Locates, Service of Process and Interviews
  • Job Duty Documentation
  • Scene Photography and Diagram Preparation
  • Time Lapse Unmanned Surveillance Options
  • Social Media and Public Records Review and Scrutiny