Service Area

The R&D Agency focuses primarily in the Midwest Region of the U.S: MN, WI, IA, ND, and SD. This allows us to focus on a large, but not too large, coverage area and alleviates the need to call in outside sources to help with an investigation. Our investigators are spread out throughout the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, and in many cases we don’t start charging travel time or mileage until we hit the state line of the bordering state where the case is to be worked.

Many investigative agencies imply that they are all encompassing, and cover all areas of the United States. The truth is, that while many national companies claim to have offices in every state in the union, if you examine them closely, they are subcontracting out to other agencies where they do not have a presence. In many cases, they send their investigators from state to state, whether that investigator is licensed in that state or not. It is not conducive to the case to have investigators in areas in which they have no expertise or understanding and familiarity. Not being licensed in that state brings on an entirely new set of problems you don’t want to mess with. By limiting our coverage area, we’re able to provide timely service in an area we know well and where we have needed resources if needed.

Hiring subcontractors is not a good idea, nor is it something The R&D Agency does except in certain situations where no other feasible option is available. Subcontracting is risky because you have no idea who you are getting, and you are not able to supervise or direct how that investigator works. We are proud to say that all our investigators are personally employed by The R&D Agency, hired by us, and licensed and insured under The R&D Agency. All our employees are held to the highest standards, and supervised and directed by R&D personnel. If they don’t meet our standards, they don’t go on assignment.