Pre-Employment Screening

Every business is only as good as the sum of its employees.  One weak link could cause a domino effect of theft, misconduct, litigation, or worse.  The R&D Agency helps businesses of all sizes properly and legally screen prospective employees, allowing our client to make informed decisions on whether to hire new employees or retain those who’re still in a probation period.  Beginning with determining where the applicant has lived in recent years allows us to check all applicable states where records are likely to be found; we also have the ability to check records in a national database of criminal histories, incarceration, sexual predator or suspected terrorist status.  Simply checking for criminal history is not always sufficient; a person’s actions reflected in civil filings often shed more light on character or lack thereof. R&D’s standard pre-employment screens include civil and criminal records as well as driving histories and federal court records if applicable. Don’t rely on single-database pre-employment screening services that merely scratch the surface on available public records.

We provide our corporate clients with the proper Disclosure, Authorization and Release of Liability forms to protect them and us from retaliation by disgruntled potential employees.  These forms are all compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and simply asking an applicant to sign them often prompts disclosure of past issues before they’re uncovered.