Surveillance on Injury Claims

The R&D Agency has been known since our inception as the agency to call on for consistently effective surveillance and investigation on injury claims of all sorts, and there’s a good reason for that.  Not all claims, and not all claimants, are alike.  So why would anybody approach all claims investigations the same way?  At R&D, we take the time to understand the specific issues, suspicions, concerns, deadlines and expectations of our clients. 

Before beginning any surveillance, it’s essential that the proper preliminary work is done to give us the best shot at a successful outcome.  A proper preliminary investigation before surveillance typically includes confirming the current address and occupants of that address; identifying vehicles associated with the claimant and his or her associates/roommates/family members; reviewing public records that often shed light on outside employment, physical activity, possible sources of information, or other previously-undisclosed injuries.  We determine if the person is active in team sports or outdoor activities like hunting, snowmobiling or fishing; we determine if the person is active with social media and what their posts, likes or check-ins tell us about them.  This and more applicable information is gathered and then, just as importantly, analyzed for pertinence before surveillance is scheduled. 

Field investigators skilled in the art of discrete surveillance and generating potential leads take over at this point and keep our clients well informed on our findings and recommendations going forward. R&D’s team approach allows for a seamless, complete and timely investigation.  A professional work product (both the written report and edited footage) is what we’re known for.  The quality of evidence often helps medical providers or a judge make an informed decision on the validity of that claim.