About Us

The R&D Agency is a full-service investigative agency in the Twin Cities. Don Patrick Dunn established the business in 1991 and continues to own and operate the company today.

Don has over 40 years of experience gathering and deciphering intelligence for insurance, corporate and legal clients. He began his career as a private investigator in 1979 and has specialized in the insurance fraud field since 1984.

The R&D Agency’s field investigators are among the best in the industry, each very talented at identifying and pursuing leads. We prioritize ongoing training and top-notch equipment to ensure investigators have the best tools to achieve the best results for our clients.

As a result, we have carefully built a reputation of reliability with insurance claims adjusters, attorneys and businesses of all sizes that need accurate intelligence delivered quickly and efficiently.


From our CEO


Over the past 30 years, The R&D Agency has grown and evolved tremendously to become what it is today: a highly respected full-service investigative agency in the Twin Cities. Consistent, quality results and good communication have helped us to earn the trust of our clients and we are grateful for their loyalty. Many of our clients have become life-long friends. We thank you for choosing us as your investigative partner. Cheers to the next 30 years!

The R&D Agency
14480 Ewing Avenue S., Suite 101
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55306
Fax: 952-882-8004
Email: results@rdagency.com