Corporate Services

It’s no secret the most successful con artists and slackers have honed their skills at deception. They say all the right things and come across during the interview process like a top candidate, but what’s lurking in their background? Prior harassments, serious criminal or fraudulent activities, ongoing money problems or violence, patterns of suing prior employers, or multiple evictions from rental properties. These are all issues you as a potential employer or landlord would want to be aware of before committing to a new hire or renter. They’re also typical of events often overlooked by pre-employment screening programs based on low cost rather than a need to be comprehensive and complete. We offer different levels of screening depending on the applicant/position’s potential risk concerns (access to bank information, client lists, confidential employee or client data, or access to other valuable assets). The protocol established by R&D for screening potential employees uncovers a great deal more than these single-database printouts. Nobody needs unpleasant surprises with new employees, and we help our clients avoid these costly issues so they can focus on growing their business.

In addition to our comprehensive pre-employment screenings and background investigations, The R&D Agency offers a variety of services tailored to the corporate world including the following:

  • Annual driving record checks for DOT or DPS compliance
  • Intellectual Properties and Trademark Protection concerns
  • General Asset Protection programs
  • Monitoring activities during strikes or labor disturbances
  • Due Diligence Investigations prior to mergers or acquisitions
  • Suspected violation of Non-Compete Agreements
  • Detection of drug use or sales in the workplace
  • Tracking the activities and effectiveness of drivers, salesmen or representatives
  • Security vulnerability
  • Sabotage of equipment or other assets
  • Job Placement scams or unwarranted negative social media posts
  • Liquor Related Services