Comprehensive Background Checks

Having accurate information is essential, whether it’s on an injured worker, a party to a lawsuit, or a potential witness.  Not all background checks need to be as deep and thorough as others. We offer a variety of options in looking into a person’s history, through public records and other open source information, but also through human sources. Depending on the client’s specific need, we can tailor the search to accommodate a client’s needs. By utilizing comprehensive databases, accurate public sources of information, human resources to pull records anywhere in the world, and other specific source information, The R&D Agency is able to provide our clients with accurate and complete information. In many cases, this includes civil or criminal matters that haven’t been fully adjudicated but may still be pertinent. Standard background checks often simply scratch the surface; but when a complete picture of your target is required, call on us to do it properly. Providing clients will a complete picture allows them to know who they’re dealing with and to proceed with confidence.