Witness Locates and Interviews

No attorney wants to become a witness in his or her own trial.  For this reason, The R&D Agency’s investigators can be a valuable asset to these litigators.  In many cases, identified witnesses must first be located.  Our comprehensive skip trace investigations succeed when others fail in identifying where a potential witness can be found.  We may be asked to serve subpoenas to these individuals for a deposition or trial, but no attorney wants to call a witness without knowing what the witness is going to say under oath.  We memorialize their recollections with carefully crafted interviews, so if they show up in court with a different story to tell, their credibility can be addressed.  However, in most cases, once a witness statement has been provided by us to our clients, that witness understands his or her story must be consistent. There are several types of statements we can offer these clients from written and notarized statements to verbatim recorded and transcribed statements.  Whatever our client requires is what we’ll provide them, allowing them to prepare for trial with confidence.