Legal Services

Services Specific to the Legal Community
It’s not uncommon for law firms to require investigative services, but most firms don’t house their own investigative team. Many will use paralegals for certain investigative tasks, and some are quite good at generating information through general searches. However, when you need accurate information beyond surface findings, the services of a professional investigative agency like The R&D Agency is needed. Our experienced team is ready to dig deep and acquire the pertinent information our legal clients need gathered quickly and effectively.

The following list gives some examples of the services our team provides:

Locating Potential Witnesses

Our professionals are adept at finding those necessary for a case. We have the right researchers and investigators in place with the needed tools and talents to aid you in locating potential witnesses. We provide our clients with the pertinent information they require.

Interviewing Sources of Information

The R&D Agency is equipped with skilled interviewers who are able to retrieve information and help you gather accurate information and therefore proceed with litigation in confidence.

Service of Process

There are plenty of quality process servers available for basic service of legal documents. However, many individuals who must be served are either avoiding service or hiding. This is where a full-service investigative team like The R&D Agency is essential. We effectively skip trace the individual, use all available tools to confirm a given address, and accomplish proper service in a timely manner.

Background Investigations
Whether it’s looking up criminal records, civil filings, business records or corporate filings, or financial records, our team of professional investigators is ready and able to handle any situation. Resources extend beyond the boundaries of the United States, and we have assets available worldwide to aid us in gathering needed intelligence.


The R&D Agency is equipped to accommodate you in all your surveillance needs. This is quite honestly what we specialize and excel in.

Product Liability Investigations

When an injury occurs that may have been caused by faulty equipment, a lack of warnings, modifications made to equipment, or other avoidable factors, we can help. Attorneys need to have all the facts concerning these and other issues, including past problems with the equipment, and confirmation of modifications made to the equipment. In some cases, these lawsuits hinge on whether or not all needed warnings and guards are visible and properly positioned. A physical examination and witness interviews are often needed. Attorneys do not want to become witnesses in their own litigation, which is why independent investigators like those at The R&D Agency are required to gather this needed detail. Our qualified investigators are highly specialized in these cases.

Defense of Injury Claims
There are always underlying factors and elements when it comes to injury claims. Gathering this information is a mainstay of what we do every day.