Duluth MN Office

The R&D Agency is excited to announce the opening of our Duluth, MN office!

While we have always worked in northern Minnesota, we now have investigators in our Duluth office to better serve our clients in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. These investigators are licensed to work in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

The R&D Agency is uniquely positioned to help with claims from the First Report of Injury all the way through to settlement or denial. We have on staff veteran investigators and former law enforcement specialists with a wide variety of hands-on experience. Unlike some of our national competitors, we have strong contacts and knowledge of the local area; we are known for our creativity and ability to tailor the investigation to specifically meet our clients’ needs and to address the unique aspects of each and every assignment. We keep in constant contact with our clients, updating them throughout the stages of investigation and we work together to achieve desired goals. This is a team effort, and we work hard to maintain a trusted and valued relationship with every client. Although we’ve established a reputation in the Upper Midwest as surveillance specialists, this is just one of many services we offer to the insurance and legal communities. The R&D Agency can also help with:

  • Workers’ Compensation Investigations
  • Activity Checks
  • Witness Locates and Interviews
  • Background Checks/Employment Screens
  • Job Log Audits
  • Full SIU Claim Work Ups
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement
  • Liability Investigations
  • Scene Investigations
  • Full Asset Searches
  • Alive and Well Checks
  • DOLI Record Review & Retrieval
  • Document Recovery
  • Services to the Liquor Industry
  • Annual Driver’s License Inquiries

Please contact us at 952.882.8000 if you have any questions or would like to assign a case!

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